Shweta Sharma's headshot

Shweta Sharma

Shweta is a highly skilled software professional with almost 12 years of experience in various technologies ranging from backend to frontend, including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, .NET, Java, and Kotlin. She is a mentor and engineering lead at Intuit, where she drives OpEx and innovation by identifying and implementing tools to strengthen observability and monitoring of software systems.

Prior to joining Intuit, Shweta worked with Intel, Pandora, Microsoft, NextGen, and Clickable in various roles and capacities.

Shweta is a passionate software engineer with innovative skills and believes in giving back to the community. She has evangelized her learnings at various global events both inside and outside Intuit. Shweta is an active speaker who has presented at multiple forums, including GHC 2022, WomenInTech 2022 & 2023, Women Who Code San Diego, and other events. Her dedication to help women return to work and advocating women in tech make her a valuable member of the software engineering, Tech Women at Intuit and Intuit Women Network.

Pronouns: She/Her