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Mish, is a multi-talented personality in the tech and gaming communities. As a developer advocate 🥑, she has made significant contributions to GitHub and is known for her expertise in sharing technical knowledge. She is also a respected leader in the hackathon community, having won, organised, and mentored at numerous events. Mish shares her knowledge and experience through articles, presentations, and even Twitch streams. She has written articles on technical topics, and has spoken at conferences and events on community building, Artificial Intelligence, the future of work, and the importance of collaboration. Mish is a successful entrepreneur and founder, having co-founded several companies. She has been a driving force in Melbourne’s entrepreneurial culture and sits at the forefront of the city’s science, tech, esports, and startup scenes. Throughout her career, Mish has been a dedicated advocate for diversity, inclusion, and community building, inspiring others to pursue their passions in tech, gaming, and entrepreneurship. You’ll often catch her at an event or speaking on stage! 🎤

Pronouns: She/Her