Session: The $10,000 Query: A Funny Thing Happened Last Week

Recently we looked at our cloud bill to see a shocking revaluation, a bill 20x the expected cost! Narrowing down the problem it turned out to be a single query in Postgres, generated not by an application we wrote, but a tool we use doing something seemingly routine.

We live in an age of as a service everything. You pay for consumption of space, cpu, transactions, network, and even time. While it often sounds like a deal when you see the cost is only pay for what you use and rates as low as $0.0001 pre X. But as you rely on more tools with their own processes and expectations you can easily lose visibility into what could be spiraling costs out of control.

This talk will tell the story of what we found, how we found it, and give advice on what we wish we did and what you should do to avoid the $10K query!