Session: Surveying the Open Quantum Landscape: Open source tools for quantum computing

We’ve all heard about the changes that quantum computing will cause, among them faster algorithms, new solutions to complex problems, and threats to the cryptography that the modern web is based on. But more specifically, what does the rise of quantum computing mean for the open source community? In this talk, Paul, Paco, and Max will provide a survey of the open quantum landscape, focusing on three keys areas. First, they’ll cover toolkits to create programs (circuits) for quantum computers such as the well known Qiskit toolkit, the QASM common assembly language, and other such programming kits. This collection of OSS tools enable users to create programs (circuits) for quantum computers in order to build, optimize, and execute quantum workloads at scale. Second, they’ll do a dive deep into the open source tools developed by the Open Quantum Safe project to provide post-quantum cryptography that will keep our data safe. Finally, they’ll plumb into open source tools for orchestrating quantum and classical workloads developed by the Middleware for Quantum projects. Throughout the presentation they will demonstrate the important role that open source will play in the future of quantum computing.