Session: Open Infrastructure – What? Why? How?

“We are living in an era where software and digitalization are eating the world, and yet, technology evolution can feel more of a constraint than freedom. The hyperscalers are dominating the cloud and soon other markets, software vendors use the strategy of locking users in with their solutions and security is becoming a burning challenge like never before.

Without open source software both individuals and organizations would remain helpless in improving in the above areas, as everyone would depend on proprietary solutions that they don’t have much influence over.

This presentation will define open infrastructure in the aforementioned context and explain its importance in today’s market and geopolitical landscape. The session will list fundamental building blocks to build, maintain and operate software and hardware infrastructure and highlight examples to show how to use them together.

The audience will learn about the fundamentals of open source. The session will also provide attendees with a starter package to build their own open infrastructure stack, through open source projects such as OpenStack, StarlingX, Kubernetes and more.”