Session: Beyond the Download Button: Lessons Learned from Analyzing 1 Billion Open Source Downloads

We spent some time analyzing data from more than 1 billion open source package downloads across over 2000 different projects on Scarf. Our findings shed light on the behaviors of users and how they interact with open source software, providing valuable insights for maintainers, founders, and executives at open source companies.

During this talk, we will take a deep dive into our data and discuss the best practices employed by successful open source projects. We’ll examine the various types of downloads, packages, and containers that were analyzed, and the trends and patterns we observed.

Our findings cover a wide range of topics, including the most popular download formats and packaging systems, the regions with the highest download rates, and the types of documentation that users find most helpful. We’ll also explore the impact of community engagement and how maintainers can leverage their user base to increase project adoption and drive business growth.

Attendees will leave this talk armed with actionable insights and best practices for optimizing their open source projects and driving success in the competitive world of open source software.