Gamification & Prize Overview

Once again we are going to “gamify” All Things Open. We feel gamification adds an engagement layer to the overall experience, which results in a richer, more fun experience for attendees choosing to participate.

Attendees can accumulate points as they navigate around the conference and engage in certain activities throughout both core days: Monday, October 16, and Tuesday, October 17. Those accumulating points at a certain threshold will be eligible to win some amazing prizes.

How Do I Accumulate Points?

Onsite attendees can accumulate points for engaging in certain activities, such as:

  • Attending morning keynote talks each day
  • Attend Featured Lunch sessions in the 12:45 – 1:30 pm ET block each day
  • Visiting partner tables/booths over the course of the day
  • Attending wrap-up plenary sessions at the end of each day

How Does It Work?

Onsite attendees will take certain actions, like the ones above, and a code will be unlocked. They’ll enter the code into the ATO Mobile App, made possible by our friends at Neon, and be rewarded with points. Prizes will be awarded to those with the most points. Stay tuned for further information about the app in the days ahead.

How Do I Know The Rules and How Points Will Be Awarded?

A few days before ATO, we will forward app access, rules, guidelines, and a point system explanation to everyone registered to attend. Signage will be in place at the event with instructions as well.

Who’s Eligible?

Anyone registered for All Things Open 2023 and actively participating onsite. Registering for ATO is the first step.

Is Playing Required?

Absolutely not. Participating is entirely optional.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

The Prizes

Due to community feedback, we’re making a change to this year’s prizes. Instead of physical laptops, we’ll give away 4 gift cards per core day of the conference (Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17) so that the winner may choose their desired machine and its features.

Gift card prizes will be delivered electronically to the email address associated with the winner’s ATO registration.

Note, gift card prizes are not transferable. Once emailed, ATO is not responsible for delivery failure if the email address the winner registered with is wrong or unaccessible by them.

Monday, October 16

$1500 USD Apple Gift Card

$1500 USD Apple Gift Card

$1500 USD Dell Gift Card

$1250 USD System76 Gift Card

Tuesday, October 17

$1500 USD Apple Gift Card

$1500 USD Apple Gift Card

$1500 USD Dell Gift Card

$1250 USD System76 Gift Card