2023 Sticker Table

Our community LOVES stickers. As a result, one of the most popular spots at the conference is the Sticker Table.

We’re thrilled to again host the Sticker Table at ATO 2023, and we hope many reading this will stop by and take one/give one.

What’s the Sticker Table?

Simply put, two tables in the main lobby area of the Raleigh Convention Center used to distribute and trade tech stickers. We (the ATO team) will make our official 2023 stickers available here, and we encourage everyone to make stickers available here also.

Are the stickers free?

Yes, absolutely. All stickers available on the tables will be free.

Are there any guidelines?

Yes, stickers need to be tech-oriented and they need to meet our code of conduct.

What does take one/give one mean?

While all stickers on the table are available for the taking, it would be great if those taking also left one as well. This way, the supply is continually replenished and a good variety is ensured. Take one/give one is also “in the spirit” of open source and All Things Open. *Note, giving one is not mandatory, only encouraged.

Who’s making the Sticker Table possible?

The wonderful teams at OpenLogic by Perforce and Instaclustr are making the table possible – and we are beyond grateful. Be sure to reach out pre-event and say “thanks!” or stop by their exhibit tables at the show.